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No one should have to sacrifice their life for their livelihood, because a nation built on the dignity of work must provide safe working conditions for its people.

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Qualified to spot for all plant and equipment working near No Go Zones for Overhead or underground Electrical Power Lines

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Working near ( within 6.4m ) electrical assets using cranes, concrete pumps, earth moving equipment, elevated work platforms, drilling rigs or scaffolding?  You MUST engage a qualified Electrical Safety Spotting service to keep a safe distance from overhead and underground electrical services ​( No Go Zones ).  Safe distances vary according to the size and voltage of powerlines. 

The role of the spotter is to observe those working in the vicinity of power lines.  The spotter is not allowed to undertake any other duties like dogging or traffic control.  Electrical Safety Spotters are there to keep you safe!

For more information regarding the requirements and the role of electrical spotters go to FRAMEWORK FOR UNDERTAKING WORK NEAR OVERHEAD AND UNDERGROUND ASSETS


Between 6.4m and 3m a spotter is required
Closer than 3m a Permit to Work and a spotter is required 
If you need a spotter or would like to discuss any matters relating to No Go Zones, please
don"t hesistate to call us on 0419 415 925. We are here to help. 

Safety tips:
 Identify all areas where powerlines cross properties;
 Obtain a copy of the “No Go Zone” rules and  regulations and study them closely;
 Identify all electrical hazards before starting work.
 If in any doubt contact the local electricity distribution company;
 Monitor weather conditions. Powerlines can sag in extreme heat and sway in strong winds;
 Powerlines can be difcult to see at dawn and dusk;
 Remember that electricity can jump gaps;
 Ensure an ESV registered spotter is on hand when working anywhere near overhead powerlines;
Ensure your registered spotter is qualified to spot for the plant or equipment being used;
ESV No Go Zones